How To Safely Navigate Extreme Cold Weather and Home Ownership

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We have already talked about how this winter has been record setting in both cold weather and property damage related to cold weather, and we touched base on what types of damage are covered by […]

States Draw New Battle Lines In Dealing With Lenders For Short Term Advance Loans

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Texas has been fighting a new battle, and no I am not talking about the drug smuggling across the border or illegal immigration but the battle over abusive lending practices, specifically payday lending and title […]

Getting Your Financial Plan On Track For 2015 Starts Now

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Ok so you made a budget for 2014 as a new year resolution and it failed, or perhaps you tried but it did not work out as planed so you gave up. Most budgets that […]

Part Time Jobs Help College Students Manage Finances and Goals

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College can be not only a stressful time in any young persons life, but it is also an expensive time in every young persons life. Working full time while in college can lead to more […]

Understanding Your Role As A Tenant With Insurance

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Most apartment renters now have to get used to an additional living expense, which is essentially liability insurance. Apartment owners and managers are getting tired of having to pay the cost themselves, so they are […]